Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Amazing Miracle by The Old Sage of W_River

Hide and I visited W_River again and ... together for Steelhead. Today's our aim was to find a new hole which is far from car access point. Because we had been fed up with a large number of fisherman recently.

As a result, our attempt was great suceeded!Though today was Hide's day basically, I had miracle by one old sage advice in the end.

-In the morning-
Although Hide got ugly fish first at usual hole, he caught good Steelhead at 2nd hole(very popular one) the same as my March 10th trip. It seemed to be about 25.6inches(65cm) male one.

Also he seemed to catch a very beautiful residence raibow(about 13.8inches/35cm) another new hole.
But I caught only one small white fish...

We went down the river and tried the new hole whenever we found it. Maybe after 1 hour walking, we found great hole . We tried separately on each side of the river.

Hide landed amazing big one. It was native, good male and about 31.5inches(80cm)!!! It must be his memorial fish in his life.
About me... nothing to be caught.

We decided to return and try some good hole again. I felt I might catch nothing today, but was not so disappointed.
Just before we reached the final hole, we met the old fisherman. He advised me to fish the hole he knew. He looked like a veteran fisherman and seemed to catch many fishes today. (I remembered I met him and talked a little before in the same river.)
The hole he advised us was one of famous hole and we saw many people in the morning. So we felt fish became nervous for fishing. But he said that Steelhead was going to move to upper after 4 o'clock.

I didn't know why, but I wanted to try there. After a few cast, I hooked fish soon! It was almost unbelievable.

The old sage(wise man) advised me how to fight fish and he help me to land it. I really wanted to say thanks to him, but he had gone already while I took a photo.
Not so huge(23inches/58cm), but it became my unforgettable fish. It was also my first male Steelhead.

Just after that, I tried at same hole soon. In a little while, I hooked it again! It was so strong and difficult to pull it near. I felt really pain on my arm by continuous hit.
It was 27.5inches(70cm) female beautiful one. I was really satisfied with it.

Usually it couldn't be happened to catch two Steelhead in very short time I think. I felt it was almost miracle!

Today became great day for us. If possible, I would like to meet him again and say thank you.


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いやー私が日本に行っている間にHide氏とLance氏は絶好調のようですね!特にHide氏のワイルドスティールヘッドはうらやましいですね〜 今、日本からボイジーに帰る途中でポートランドの空港でこれ書いてます。しばらくお魚と遊べなかったのでこういうの見ると焼けちゃうね!

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