Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hoped for this moment again!

I visited the W_River again and again to meet the good Steelhead, so this was actually third trip. Today I went there alone, so woke up at four and started home at five o'clock in the morning. But there was much snow in highway on the way, it took longer time than usual. I experienced the effectiveness of studless snow tires. Was good.

When I arrived, fortunately there were not so many fishermen yet.
So I fished in the usual hole first. After a few casts, my indicator was vanished. Though it was small resident Rainbow(13inches/33cm), it was beautiful. (But as you know, I was disappointed a little...)

I went to the new hole which Hide & I found at last trip. There was not so many fishermen. I fished there and shifted to the downstream little by little.

When I intended to return the fly to cast, there was heavy tug. So I strongly pull the rod up, then it moved surely! I was excited so much but could afford to measure the time to land. It pulled so strong that my #6 SAGE rod was bent completely like a half moon. It seemed to take about five minutes to land. It was evident good Steelhead which wore spawning color(26inches/66cm). I was satisfied with it very much.

After short lunch, I tried the usual hole in the upperstream. But there was no sign of fish without one whitefish. So I ended it about two thirty in the afternoon and left there.

I was glad to land it, but I might be addicted to the Steelhead. Because as soon as I returned home, I thought of next fishing trip. Dangerous!


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resident rainbowが正しい言い方でresidential rainbowはちょっと変です。residentは形容詞にもなるんです。webster.comを使うと便利ですよ。

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