Friday, June 25, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

OSHINO on Father's Day; Spinner was key through the day

The present of Father's day from my family was one day fishing trip! So gone for OSHINO with Tommy today.

We left 4:30AM and arrived there before 6:00AM to try KUROMADARA's hatch. But it likely was too late for it. Later, WATANABE-san said that we should come before 4AM... Shall we?

Instead of it, large mayfly's spinner(NAMIFUTAO?) were often seen there(right pic was took by Tommy). So I tied the hen hackle spinner pattern without hesitation.

After lots of mis-hooking, got first one, brown trout by it.

Around S-bend hole, still large mayfly's spinner fall was going on.

2nd one was this rainbow by same pattern.

In it's stomach, small stonefly's nymph was dominant and a few large mayfly's spinner.
So I changed to the CDC stonefly pattern, and got some fishes.

Tommy was also enjoying his fishing.

After small stonefly's hatch(MIDORI_KAWAGERA?), we were struggling to identify what they were feeding for a long time...

Eventually we found it was middle sized mayfly's spinner(one of MADARA species) with WATANABE-san's suggestion.

My last one in the morning was this nice bow by kawkoi-san's original rusty spinner pattern #16. It was not easy game, because he kept rising so close to the bank of the other side.

We had a lunch at YANAGIHARA noodle restaurant(first time to visit for me). 'NIKU_UDON',noodle with pork was good to eat with reasonable price!

Afternoon, moved to around KINDAICHI bridge.

This pretty colored bow ignored #16 rusty spinner completely, but bit #14 curved shank parachute by first cast. Interesting!

Caught by same pattern also there.

Moved to MOHEI bridge. And caught some by same #14 pattern.
One of them bit ants also. Summer is almost there.

Back to S-bend as our final hole today(without evening fishing).
Tommy got the strike.

Nice catch, Tommy!
It was first experience for me that the spinner fall was major through the day. Whenever I come here, have lots of something new.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It is time to

take a TOEIC test, Lance after 5 years interval.

Do your best and don't forget to have a fun also.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long 25h fishing trip

My fishing friend and teacher and the craziest... ICHIGOU invited me to his home river B today.

I left home 1:50 AM and after 6.5 hours drive and 1 hour rest, met him there around 8:30 AM.

Beautiful mountain and stream, loved it!

After going up by foot for a while, started fishing around 9:30AM.

My late first IWANA(char), because of countless mis-hooking...

It was my first experience of sight fishing for wild IWANA. So exciting game was it.

11:32AM, first good one(28cm) after several small ones.

Sometimes we were forced to climb up for moving.

12:59 PM, caught by sight fishing. He attacked to my dry fly so strong.

After short lunch, there were several rises at the same hole which we caught some before lunch.

14:08 PM, 2nd 28cm nice one. Looked like so wild.

14:10 ICHIGOU's SHAKU-GAMI 32cm. Gorgeous!!

This was a famous hole for us called curryman's pool before.

And now it changed to Lance's pool today. 30.3cm my first SYAKU-IWANA there with ICHIGOU's great help(14:38).

15:26, we moved back to the parking for evening fishing at his home river C. ORURI, Blue-and-white Fly catcher said good bye to me.

His home river C was also crazy! Only one fish I caught there in the evening because of lots of mistakes, but liked there so much!

I couldn't stop fishing until 20:00 after all, and arrived home 3:10 AM... 25h fishing trip, my longest fishing trip record! Crazy Lance.

Anyway, thank you for everything, ICHIGOU, and hope that see you soon there. Soon?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our first Japanese cherry picking

My parents told us good cherry picking farm '手摘みの里' where they visited last year.

It was small but so comfortable and very reasonable price.
And people working there were all so kind to us! We liked there so much.

If you took any interest in it, please ask me the detail since it doesn't have any website. Or enter the following address to your car navigation; '南アルプス市百々3430'.

Friday, June 11, 2010

For fishing trip on this weekend,

tied some dry fly after long interval. Actually it was my first tying of this year...
#14 size was his recommendation for the mountain steam fishing now.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

On that weekend 6/5,6,

we family went to MISHIMA-taisya shrine with our both parents.

Hoped we all are fine and have a great fun soon.

It was a nice day between rainy days.