Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long 25h fishing trip

My fishing friend and teacher and the craziest... ICHIGOU invited me to his home river B today.

I left home 1:50 AM and after 6.5 hours drive and 1 hour rest, met him there around 8:30 AM.

Beautiful mountain and stream, loved it!

After going up by foot for a while, started fishing around 9:30AM.

My late first IWANA(char), because of countless mis-hooking...

It was my first experience of sight fishing for wild IWANA. So exciting game was it.

11:32AM, first good one(28cm) after several small ones.

Sometimes we were forced to climb up for moving.

12:59 PM, caught by sight fishing. He attacked to my dry fly so strong.

After short lunch, there were several rises at the same hole which we caught some before lunch.

14:08 PM, 2nd 28cm nice one. Looked like so wild.

14:10 ICHIGOU's SHAKU-GAMI 32cm. Gorgeous!!

This was a famous hole for us called curryman's pool before.

And now it changed to Lance's pool today. 30.3cm my first SYAKU-IWANA there with ICHIGOU's great help(14:38).

15:26, we moved back to the parking for evening fishing at his home river C. ORURI, Blue-and-white Fly catcher said good bye to me.

His home river C was also crazy! Only one fish I caught there in the evening because of lots of mistakes, but liked there so much!

I couldn't stop fishing until 20:00 after all, and arrived home 3:10 AM... 25h fishing trip, my longest fishing trip record! Crazy Lance.

Anyway, thank you for everything, ICHIGOU, and hope that see you soon there. Soon?


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