Sunday, February 28, 2010

Got a license

and checked the nearby river today. Looked nice stream.

But I don't know when is the my opening day...

HERA Debut!

My fishing friend and mentor kawkoi-san moved into the city next to my hometown. And we could see together there today to enjoy HERABUNA, Crucian Carp Fishing.

Yeah, it was definitely my debut of it.

It must be rare shot of two professional fly fishermen.

Only this float should tell me what's going there under the surface. Too tricky.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! What a beginner's luck I had!! Kawkoi-san helped me to land it by the net.

It was so warm day of February today.

A raccoon dog was seen around kawkoi-san's house.

I think I'll be getting mad about this type of fishing soon, maybe...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Sunday,

she joined us as newcomer of bird watchers.

A couple of KOGERA, Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker!

Maybe the lower one is male?

The stream of Y-river. I might fish AMAGO trout there with KANOGAWA fishing licence.

Need to be identified though, my guess is male HOOJIRO,Siberian Meadow Bunting.

Her favorite bike and binoculars.

My first shot of birds of prey, except TOBI, Black Kite.

NOSURI, Common Buzzard?

So far,

she likely loves birds too. She was learning the bird's twittering by CD

Her most favorite one is KAWASEMI, Common Kingfisher. Let us have a chance to see it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

UME and Birds

We also enjoyed seeing the UME(Japanese apricot) blossom today.

First bird was JOUBITAKI, Daurian Redstart.
Let me have another chance of shot in short distance, please.

MOZU, Bull-headed Shrike's male on the UME tree with no blossom...

Most famous bird which match the blossom in Japan is MEZIRO, Japanese White-eye, I think.

Even we were so close to them, likely they didn't mind it because so busy for sucking nectar.

Their unique olive green and any color of blossom are well-matched. Must be typical color contrast of Japanese spring.

Y river with lots of birds

Since it was so fine today, my daughter and I went out for the bird watching. Our destination was Y_river which was famous for KAWASEMI, Common Kingfisher. Although we couldn't see it today, could see lots of birds instead of it.

Female KASHIRADAKA, Rustic Bunting was our new bird today. Likely it is one of winter birds.

Excuse my bad focusing...

The right top one which had black colored head is male one.

And pair of MOZU, Bull-headed Shrike!

The right one which has darker eye line is male.

I like their beautiful color balance very much.

KISEKIREI, Grey Wagtail on the rock. I think it proved this river's quality.

We must have found good place to go nearby.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We had first snow

here in MISHIMA this morning.

She shouted for joy when she got up and saw outside .

Looked like so busy to observe the snow itself with the black paper.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Birds, Birds, Birds

We had lots of things today.

But my topic here is...

the wild bird, as you know.
KAWARAHIWA, Oriental Greenfinch, was second time to see for me. Beautiful yellow color was impressive.

And we found KOGERA, Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker, there today! I saw it several times before though, it was first seeing in this park.

Fortunately we could observe it well in very short distance. It looked so busy for pecking something so often.

Last pic,left one was took from our house' window.

They must be typical winter bird here TSUGUMI, Dusky Trush, first time to see this season. What a great place here is, to see the wild birds! See you closer next weekend.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


is famous one of early cherry blossoms around here in MISHIMA.
I found some trees nearby our house.

Even though we are still having so cold days nowadays, it told me surely that the spring will be here soon.

You should do much something before it Lance, should't you?

Happy birthday

to you, Lance. He got these surprise presents yesterday as his birthday.

He is also a man who was born in a year with the same sign of the Chinese zodiac as the current year. Don't guess his age, guys please.

Never forget thanks for your family, and keep enjoying your fishing with well-balanced state as they expected,Lance.