Saturday, February 20, 2010

Y river with lots of birds

Since it was so fine today, my daughter and I went out for the bird watching. Our destination was Y_river which was famous for KAWASEMI, Common Kingfisher. Although we couldn't see it today, could see lots of birds instead of it.

Female KASHIRADAKA, Rustic Bunting was our new bird today. Likely it is one of winter birds.

Excuse my bad focusing...

The right top one which had black colored head is male one.

And pair of MOZU, Bull-headed Shrike!

The right one which has darker eye line is male.

I like their beautiful color balance very much.

KISEKIREI, Grey Wagtail on the rock. I think it proved this river's quality.

We must have found good place to go nearby.


CE Webster said...

Enjoyed your bird pictures.

african said...