Saturday, July 21, 2007

Henry's Fork of Snake River; Day2 Fish On by Dry Fly

Last night, we had supper at Trout Hunter's dining. Since it was too late, the kitchen was closed already. But we could have the pizza. Definitely I celebrated my first luck with bunch of beers.

After a while Katsumata-san joined us. I knew him only by several media, like Fly Fisher(famous Japanese Fly Fishing magazine), so it was just first time to meet him.

I think we had a good time together with beer. I asked him something about his video of Henry's Fork. Then he took Rene to our table. It was also first time to see and talk with him. Just a kind of exciting!

I think I drunk the beer a little too much this night to celebrate my first fish there.

This pic is famous motel ' A-Bar ' there. I joined their room.

This morning, I had a little hangover, not so bad one but...

We headed for Wood Road as a first this morning. Kawkoi-san was already there.

Soon Jimi-san arrived there. It was also first time to see for me. He gave me his strong ant pattern! He was so openhearted and kind to me.

I found several rises just in front of me, and tried them. But I got nothing...

We decided to move to Pine Heaven next.

I did try sight nymphing again because there was almost no rise, but had no luck this time.

Ichigou and his party had to leave around one o'clock because of their tomorrow's flight.

We moved to Last Chance for souvenir pic. I really thanked them all, and we said good-bye each other.

I was going to return to Pine Heaven to set up camp there. On the way to there, Jimi-san and I met on the dart road. And he gave me a special advise for today's strategy.

I needed one beer before pitching a tent.

Maybe it was first time to use this tent alone.

In the evening, I was at Wood Road to expect good rises there.

There were Kawkoi-san and me only. And the good rises started! Soon we were surrounded by bunch of rises, just like paradise!!

I had several their take with PMD's para spinner, but couldn't set a hook well. Kawkoi-san landed good one, and he gave me his special Rusty Spinner pattern. It looked so elegant!

Then I could set a hook well! And his so strong tug made me crazy. Yes, it was big boy!! Kawkoi-san pleased and approached to help me.

But he stopped suddenly and wasn't move any more, because he dug into the weed. When I approached and checked there, he'd gone already...

We were disappointed a lot, but I got some confidence to succeed hooking by dry fly. Maybe tomorrow will be nice day for me.

When I checked my Kawkoi-san's Rusty Spinner fly next morning, its hook was completely bent...


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