Saturday, July 21, 2007

Henry's Fork of Snake River; Day3 One More Night

Today should have been last day at HF for me. My original schedule was to leave there around noon.

But last night's awesome rises made my mind change.

I decided to stay one more night and leave early morning on Sunday.

In the morning, Callibaetis spinner was dominant. We still saw Flav and Trico spinner also, but looked like Callibaetis was key in the morning.

Kawkoi-san got good one by his original Callibaetis spinner.

Since I'd not had Callibaetis spinner pattern, I used rusty spinner and Flav spinner. But I got no take...

Then Jimi-san arrived with H-san together. He seemed to be busy for making his original video of Henry's Fork.

He let me join his lunch together. The sandwich which his wife made was great!

H-san got good boy by his CDC PMD dun. Even in the wind, he did good job.
The PMD dun in the strong wind was really difficult, see the Kawkoi-san's Blog.

Although there was still good rises, the clever fish ignored my PMD dun...

Mr. Harrop and his group came there and fished just next to Kawkoi-san.
And he hooked up good one with his floating nymph just in front of Mr. Harrop.

He succeeded in landing good one. See his Blog now.

It was strong and awesome!!
It was a kind of unusual that rises continued until evening. Which meant we had no time to rest. Yes, we fished from noon to evening almost without break!
Though I got a bunch of advices from him, still no luck.

That evening was different from last one. It seemed fish ate heartily in the day time.

I got several take with Kawkoi-san's rusty spinner, but missed setting a hook all time... It was not easy for me.
I really would like to say thank you to Kawkoi-san for everything.
He also made special sandwich for me that night. It was so delicious!
Next early morning I said goodbye to Henry's Fork.


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