Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mayflies; Our usual weekend

My daugther asked me to take her outside as usual weekend.

When we opened and closed the entrance door, noticed he was seeing us off by chance.

He, Akamadara mayfly dun(male), did shed its skin on our door! What a amazing location here!

On the way down to parking lot, we found another one.

It had only two wings, two tails, and its size was about 5mm. It seemed to be Futabakokagerou.

First, we visited Goryu fall. As you see, it was just flood because of last night's rain.

Even it was not good condition including weather, she looked happy to be there.

Next destination was Momosawa river.

We found the biggest mayfly which we'd ever seen.

It was Futasujimonkagerou's dun, and its size was about 25mm.

Mokagerou family is famous as its size in Japan. But we liked its pretty color also.

I would like to try its tying soon.

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