Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nasty pix... ; 6th trip to Oshino

Let me say something first.

On the way to Oshino, I wondered where I take my favorite digital camera, and noticed that I left it at home...

Which meant I had to take pix by a digital single-lens reflex camera with a zoom lens only. I seemed to be almost impossible to take nice pix for fish and aquatic insect...

So I got these pix by the zoom lens's one, they are not my favorite as I imagined. Although I hesitated to upload these, decided to do that just as my fishing record.

I had some themes for this trip. One of there was the natural drift to downstream. So I picked the hole in front of old Fujikyu hotel.

Late afternoon, there were some fish feeding the nymph around water grass. So it looked like that sight nymphing was best bet for me.

Then an aunt climbed my fishing vest up. It likely gave me a inspiration, so the ant parachute was tied as first try. There were several rises also.

It attracted more fishes than I expected!

And I hooked first rainbow up. It gave me a confidence though, some big boy refused just close to my fly. Which meant my drift of fly was not good. It should be my next theme .

Akamadara mayflyWhen it was getting early evening, there were some mayflies flying. So I changed it to crippled dun type.

That seemed to be good decision. This was about 40cm(16inches) brownie.

It needed more than 1 meter to take this pic because of zoom lens...

In his stomach, floating nymph of akamadara mayfly was dominate. It was not bad choice.

After that, I got two more fishes. I think everything is getting better than before.

Today's hit flyant parachute #18
flav crippled dun #18
hair wing dun #14
floating nymph(PT) #18

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