Sunday, May 11, 2008


This late afternoon today, my daughter requested me to play together with her bike. I was thinking of destination, and picked MS river for biking and fishing together.

After her bike practice, we went down to the river and saw many aquatic insects there. Also there were several splash rises! Yeah, it was time to grab our fishing pole.

We began to identify the species of mayfly's spinner as start.

It had two tails, and green eggs. Body size was about 12mm. It looked like one of Hirata family, Elmonhirata? It was new to see for us.

We did see small one's hatch. That must be Kokagerou, two tails, small body(6mm).

Then the bigger one also hatched. It looked so lovely, and same as the first spinner.

I tried several pattern in short time, but had no luck...

Maybe they were so skittish or there were very few fishes.

But it was really fun to observe their activity and identify their species.

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