Monday, May 05, 2008

HATAMI gathering on Children's Day

Do you know the shellfish named 'HATAMI'? For me it was first time to hear that.

It seems to be bigger than ASARI clam and be available around the Sea of Enshu. Its season sounds like just now, so we planed to go HATAMI gathering today. Today as Children's Day is just best day for that, because of its the spring tide.

The secret hole was not far from my parents' house. It took about 15min. only. In spite of a little rain, there were many people for the same purpose.

I was completely soaked through to the skin, but our harvest was definitely more than we expected!!

We have to wait for a few days until all the grain of sand will be out from the shellfish.

This was a kind of surprise gift. We are going to cook it tomorrow morning into the miso soup.

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