Friday, May 09, 2008

Sight practice and Higenaga Caddis; 5th trip to Oshino

I've thought the spring were already gone and it was already early summer here. But at Oshino, it was still part of spring. The effective temperature which I felt was much cooler than Numazu, kind of cold still.
Let me talk about this trip as three parts.
Part1; Day time, Sight Fishing
Since there were not any rises except small yamame trout, I tried sight nymphing as first. Several takes of fish pleased me though, a bunch of mishooking made me disappointed. Even I succeed in setting a hook once, missed it... But it could be a good practice for me. My MORPHO Marabou worked well.

Part2; Early Evening, Spinner?
The number of rise was getting increased a little at early evening. It was hard to identify their target of rise, but I got several good reactions for my parachute, and spent caddis pattern.
This was caught by parachute type.

Part3; Late Evening, Higenaga Caddis? No, another one
We could often see their rises at late evening. I picked Higenaga caddis pattern as first, because I saw its adult in a daytime today.
Fortunately it worked! Healthy good one was caught by it.
On the other hand, I saw some middle size mayflies flying. I suspected my luck with Higenaga was just lucky one. The target of their rises looked like different from Higenaga caddis.

Kind fishermen gave me a hint later. His result of stomach pump showed that there were several nymph, which seemed to be a kind of madara mayfly.

I bought stomach pump and shale for my further improvement.

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