Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seifa-utaki, Shikinaen; 3rd Day in OKINAWA

4th one of the World Heritage List; Seifa-utaki

Most sacred place in OKINAWA, everything looked awe-inspiring.

This green snail was new to me.


It was first time to see the limestone cave for my family. My wife was happy to enjoy it, but my daughter was scared of it.

BINGATA-ZOME , traditional dyeing of OKINAWA

They, in particular my daughter liked to experience it.

During their work, I strolled through the site. There were many traditional buildings, and they were good object for me to take a pic.

On the whole OKINAWA world was better than I imagined, because I thought at first it was just commercial facility for sightseer.

5th one of the World Heritage List; SHIKINAEN

It likely was used as resort house for royal family and their guest.

AWAMORI, unique clear liquor in OKINAWA, was so nice to me.

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