Thursday, June 22, 2006

Indicator was robbed!

Today I had a some tactics in O_river.

1. Ant
I had realized there were so many ants, and I had found them in Brown's stomach before.
I tried ant pattern around the bank tightly while there was no rise, but the river was still quiet.

2. Indicator was robbed
Then I change the fly to the nymph with yellow yarn indicator(my favorite). When I drifted them in the shallow close to the bank, there was huge splash suddenly! It was surely trout!
He aimed my yellow indicator, it was robbed by him because rubber was already damaged and easy to be torn. Though I did hooking reflexively, my pole wasn't bent.

I couldn't believe it, because it jumped so high! Although I looked into my fly box, there was nothing like huge terrestrial pattern. I left it in may car...
I tried caddis pattern which was biggest one I had then, but there was no splash.

3. Late Evening Spinner
I changed the hole looking for stable rises. I tried sppiner pattern there, so there were some strikes. But I missed them...

As a result, I got skunked. But I could see the impressive scene! I hit on something for the next.

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