Friday, August 10, 2007

Flav started, but still Caddis's prime!

River; South Fork of the Boise River Temp; Not too hot, around 90F? Hatch; Caddis and Flav Time; Evening Only Hooked; 11 Caught; 8 Flow; 1740cfs

It could be one of greatest days there.

Finally my favorite Flav hatch started there. It likely earlier start than last year. But still fish madly fed on Caddis only. There were good and continuous rises.

I did hook two fishes soon by general Caddis dry pattern. They were not huge but good fighter. Although I couldn't catch them, it was a kind of good start. I was pretty sure that my selected fly matched the hatch.

This one was so beautiful and wild with its red band! And also good well jumped fighter.


This heavy torque stream made their tug so stronger. I thought It was really difficult to catch good size, even succeeded in hooking.

He had so wide body. 16inches/40cm

This 18.5inches/47cm had injured body, so I hesitated to put his pic here. But it was well experienced good one.

After that I hooked huge one, at least over 20 incher!
During long time fight with him, I was cheered up by floating boater. The comfortable drug's reverse sound made me so excited.
When he approached me, I believed I've almost done.
Then I lost his tension... The knot of tippet got loose... It was definitely my fault...

I could catch some after that also. I had good time there.


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ご推察の通りで、ライズがなくならないので、21:30前まで粘りました。でも、Caddisへのライズ、面白いですよ。というか、少なくとも、私は初体験です。今までElk Hair CaddisはAttractorだと思っていました。今回初めて、X-Caddisで何匹かあげました。一口にCaddisと言っても、奥が深いですね。毎回、勉強です。