Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hopper and Flav

South Fork of the Boise River Temp; 99F(37C) Hatch; Caddis and Flav Time; Evening Only Hooked; 5 Caught; 3 Flow; 1730cfs

Recently, I'd been satisfied with match the hatch fishing for Caddis and Flav.

But do I forget anything? Yes, I got no fish with Hopper yet. I think Hopper is just synonym of the summer here. Let's try it today!

I missed first take for Hopper... It looked like good one...

But I did catch the second one.

It wore just wild bow's color! He jumped so strongly.


I liked this hole especially as Hopper fishing.

After that, I moved to my favorite rise hole.

As I expected, there were some Flav dun. But its number was not so many.

This was my first one by Flav dun#14.

About 16inches/40cm, good jumper also.

I found the good one's rise. He rose just in front of big rock.

After several casts, my fly was out of his lane just a little bit.
But he chased and took it!!

He was a kind of super fighter. It took a long time I felt.

He was really wonderful, gorgeous one. Maybe should be called 'slab'. I liked him very much.

19inches/49cm; so healthy!!

After I released him, I decided to finish my fishing today. It was unusually about one hour before sunset. Yes, I was so satisfied today.

I'm proud of this river and should think great deal of it.


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