Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pine Flat Campground; South Fork of the Payette River

This weekend, we decided to go the Pine Flat Campground which was along the South Fork of the Payette River with Moto's family. It was almost after a year interval for us to have a camping together.

It took about 1.5hours to arrive there from Boise. As its name, there were a lot of pine trees.

It was famous of its hot spring. It poured into the river from the cliff.

It was not so hot but a kind of comfortable for us.

The fall of hot springs. We relaxed so well there.

It was only our pity not to have camp fire and charcoal grill for us because of high danger of wood fire.

Because of its slope where we pitched a tent, we had hard time to sleep well. We recognized the importance of its flatness.

Next morning, we tried fly fishing together.

Moto took pix for me. The left one was my second hit.

She helped me to land him. Good job, my sweetie!

She fell asleep as soon as she was took in my arms.

It was fun time for us all.


yokoyam3 said...

奇遇にも7日の月曜日は私もSF of Payatteでつりしてました。ヒューストンから友達が来てて、フライフィッシングしてみたいというので連れて行きました。例のLowmanの橋の下です。Pine Flatは夏に行くのによさそうな温泉ですね。Skinny Dipper温泉に行ったんですが、夏に行くには熱すぎました。Pine Flat温泉の前も通ったんですが、いったことありません。ホントこの辺は温泉多いですよね~

african said...

そうだったんですね。初めて竿を出しましたが、予想よりも魚影があったので驚きました。Fun Fishingにはもってこいの川ですね。確かにPine Flatは温いといったところで、長時間浸かっていられて、快適でしたよ。