Sunday, August 06, 2006

Middle Folk of Salmon River(so wild!)

This river is famous for its wildness inclucing Westlope cutthroat(not Yellowstone cutthroat), and people says there is not any hatchery fish, but native fish only. Though I don't know it is true or not, it is said that any rainbows there are really Steelhead smolt.

I picked this river as a destination of my family and my colleage Moto's family's camping trip. It took about 3.5hours to the campground close to the river.

This beautiful Bull trout was not mine but Moto's one. He caught it by spin casting. I wished it was my fish, because I've never caught the Bull trout.

He also tried fly fishing for the first time, and caught the fine fish.
He may get addicted to the fly fishing.

We built the bonfire for the first time. It was enough to keep warm for us.

We were aloso surprised by the coldness there. I've forgot that this river was very close to Stanley, which meant it showed high elevation. It should be cold!

Next morning, Moto and I woke up about 5:30, and went to the river. It was actually chilly!

Moto caught the beautiful Westlope cutthroat by lure! I think he has good luck.

On the other hand, I caught some smolts of Steelhead only... But, they looked so lovely.

We enjoyed the untouched wildness there including fishing.

I thought I would like to try the Westlope cutthroat and Bull trout again.

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