Saturday, August 19, 2006

Great day!

I took an afternoon off and headed SFOB river again and again.

I really wanted to try in the evening for Flav hatch, but I had to return home until approximately 18:00. Which meant that I had to stop fishing at most 16:30...

Although I tried the new hole by hopper and dropper, there were nothing.

I tried the same hole as 7/31's good one, as a result I got it!!

She suddenly attacked my hopper with huge jaws and ran toward the downstream so fast.

Whenever she got close to me, she ran away so strong. I didn't know how many times she did it(close and away).

But finally I could land her, yes it was just landing because my net didn't work because of her size.

Needless to say I shouted loudly many times when I caught her!


I think she is the heaviest trout that I caught ever except steelhead.

After that, I checked the Flav hole in the daytime.

There were a few hatches and rises of small one. I could get one small fish by Flav dun, but it was all.

I moved again and tried my favarite hole for the last.

I could catch a fine guy by hopper again(19inches/48cm).
It is so lovely isn't it?

Although I couldn't try in the evening, I was satisfied with great fishes!


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二匹目を上げたHoleは、昨年の9月にご一緒させていただいた釣行時の、yokoyam3が釣ってらっしゃったHoleですよ。もうすぐ減水までカウントダウンみたいなので、今のうちにHigh Flowでの釣りを楽しもうと思っています。