Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Flav hatch in the evening

Today I missed the two attack to the hopper before they bit it.

I knew the reason of it, it was the distance between the fish and me. They could see me before they fed it, so they stopped to bite it in the just front of the fly.

But I could get the third attack in spite of strong flow.
Size was average(16.5inches/42cm), but it was fine and tugged so strong.

After the usual hole, I tried the new hole in the late evening. And there were some rises to the Flav's hatches.

Though I did hook two big boys up twice, I missed them. I think the reason was tight tension.

What I could land was only small boy, but I was happy to get it by match the hatch.

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Brett said...

I work with Lance in Boise. His words and pictures have inspired me to put more time into my own fly fishing. Perhaps I can go fishing with the African in Boise someday soon.