Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The reason why I missed many fish

I could see some Flavs in SFOB, but there was no rise.

So I decided the hopper pattern first.

Although I did hook two big boy by it, they are hooked off again and again! Why? What's wrong?

For the third one, it was a little late to set a hook. But as a result, I could catch it. Though the size was average(16inches/40.5cm), it tugged so strong including fast stream.

Finally I got the reason why I missed so many good ones. It was the timing to set a hook! Especially for the huge hopper pattern, I had to wait until the fish fed it enough. I thought the exciting attack to the hopper could be one cause of early setting a hook.

There are many things which I should learn, but I believe it is one of funs of fly fishing.


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こっちに来てから、6Xより細いティペットは使った事ありません。今はまっているSouth Folk of Boise Riverでは、Hopperで3X、Mayfly系で5Xです。そうでもしないと流れも強く、岩も多いので、絶対にあげられないので。ここの魚は美しく、非常に強いので、しばらく通い続ける事になりそうです。当座の目標だった20inch(51cm)overのRainbowは達成できたので、次は24inch(61cm)クラスを目指したいですね。