Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good game and winged ant

When I arrived SFOB river, it was evening and the sun was sinking in the west. I felt the sunset time was becoming earlier than before.

I chose the hopper first because there was not any major hatches yet. But the reaction was too slow.

I went up the stream, and found the good one's rise. So I changed the fly to the Flav, and casted it. Although I got the splash, I couldn't hook it up... I hooked another one(average size), but missed it.

I changed the hole and found the stable rise. It bit my flav surely!

Though I succeeded in hooking, it fought very strongly. Can you see my #6 rod's bending?

I dealed with this fish very carefully, and could catch it.

It was 17inches/43cm(average), but healthy one. I was satisfied with all processes of this game!

I checked its stomach and found many winged ants. It was new discovery for me on this river.

I would like to consider this point next time. I heard the flow will dropped from 1600cfs to 1000cfs on next Monday, maybe this trip was the last one with high flow.

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