Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Still Caddis is going on

River; South Fork of the Boise River
Temp; Not too hot, around 90F?
Hatch; Caddis #18 Time; Evening Only
Hooked; 6 Caught; 4 Flow; 1780cfs

Now I came back to my home river. I love this river because of its strong stream and the possibility of huge and kind of strongest native rainbow.

I'd expected good reaction to Hopper, and tried it first because of no rise. But at second hole, I could see certain rises to the Caddis. So I stopped it, and focused on those rises.

Soon I got good one by #18 Elk hair Caddis. He was definitely best jumper which I'd ever seen. He did it at least 4 times!

I got some average size 14-16 inches(35-40cm) by same pattern.

After that I missed good one by same fly because of bent hook...

After giving up that fly, I changed it to #18 X-Caddis. But nothing took it. So I cut its tail to imitate just normal Elk Hair Caddis pattern.

Then I got another one. That experience was interesting for me.

Finally I found the big boy's rise in the late evening. I tried same pattern, but he ignored it. Then I changed it to Caddis Emerger. After several cast, I did succeed in hooking him up!!

But he ran so rapidly into the core of strong stream. Soon I lost its tension... My tippet was broken completely... I think he escaped just under the rock rapidly. Although I missed big one, I found this river's high potential again. Let me try him again soon.

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