Monday, August 27, 2007

Depature to the Glacier; Wilderness Gateway Campground

We'd planed to go the Glacier National Park as our final long trip this year, which located in Montana and Canada.

Sunday, we left home about 11:15. After 300miles drive, we arrived the Wilderness Gateway Campground around 17:00, which was along the Lochsa River and about 30minutes drive east of Lowell ID.

One of reasons that I picked it first place to stay was to see the Westslope Cutthroat at this famous river. But I didn't have a time to do that...

This campground itself was well equipped though, the space for tent looked a little small. Even our small tent was almost marginal.

Because of our arrival time, we had to start cooking as soon as possible.

Main dish was Japanese curry with chicken by my Dutch Oven. Although It was good, it needed more time to be heated maybe.

She helped us to clean the stuff up a lot.

That night it was colder than I imagined. My wife and daughter take precautions against the cold well, but I didn't.

I should have brought ski wear or something anyway...

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