Friday, August 08, 2008

Shade was key; 10th trip to OSHINO

Wow, it was 10th anniversary today. I'm still on the way to the Fly Fisher, I think.
Since I could get up early, starting time was around 10AM today. It was first try in the morning summer days.
At first hole, my target was good one in the shade under the tree.He'd just sniffed my fly...

But I got this good brownie at the 2nd hole. He was in the shade like 1st hole.
Hit fly was #8 black terrestrial, bought in US. I didn't know its name exactly.

I saw several hatches of mayfly.
According to Watanabe-san's information, it likely was TOBIIRO mayfly. Size was almost #14.
And this brown #14 crippled dun pattern gave me a second luck.
Don't forget my peacock beetle! He worked well and brought 3rd one for me. Three fishes in the morning, not bad start for me.

It got a little cloudy this afternoon.

Their reaction for ant pattern was not good...

Since I saw several FUTASUJI's hatch, I tied its crippled type as a kind of routine.
It worked well today also! This beautiful bow was also in the shade.

Again, it worked well. Shade was today's key. I thought my roll casting got better little by little.

Since I was satisfied with today's game and got tired, I left earlier than usual without late evening game.
And my summer vacation has just begun.

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