Saturday, August 16, 2008

Midge, even summer; 11th trip to OSHINO

Today was the day that I returned to NUMAZU. For several reasons, my wife and daughter will stay one more week her parents' home.
Then one idea occurred to me, which I can stop by OSHINO one the way to NUMAZU.

I left there about 3:30AM, and arrived 7:00AM. Even it was summer now, many midge spinners were flying there. And there were some rises for them.
I decided that 'Midge' game was today's main theme for me.

Although my first target was good YAMAME trout, another one took my fly first.
This bow was caught by #32 midge pupa. #20-#26 size were all ignored or just sniffed...
But always, first fish gave me joy!

At the second hole, I found nice YAMAME trout which were feeding something on the surface.

I don't know how much time I spent for him...
But my #24 midge adult pattern got him at last!

He was gorgeous boy!

His stomach was midge, KOKAGEROU(baetis) 's nymph, small stonefly's nymph, and FUTASUJI's dun.

Afternoon; One good size IWANA trout was my target. #16 mahogany dun pattern attracted him, but not enough... After that I had long rest time.
Evening; I got three small bows by rusty spinner #18 and para spinner #18. I believed those rises were for KUSHIGE mayflies.

I think it was good ending of my summer vacation.

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