Tuesday, November 29, 2005

1st day of vacation

It was time to go vacation! My family were so excited, but I felt a little nervous because I hadn't experienced private trip in US.

My foreboding has come true. Our first flight to SFO was delayed for two and half hours by weather in SFO. It wasn't easy to keep my daughter's feeling good, but we could reach SFO safety.

Though I had to find alternative flight because we missed original one by previous flight delay, I could have done well. So we could breathe fresh air of LA in the evening.

Although we were almost worn out, we decided to go SANTA MONICA for dinner. We tried Japanese food restaurant 'Musha', and it was so nice. Especially I was surprised by 'Aburi-Saba' & 'Ankimo'. In addition to that, my daughter slept well all the dinner time, so my wife and I could talk each other leisurely.

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