Thursday, April 26, 2007

Now is the time to resume my trout fishing

Since I said good bye for my spring steelhead fishing, I've been thinking of the time to resume my trout fishing.
I have no destination except Owyhee in Oregon now, because almost all major river basin in Idaho is closed until the Memorial Day.

The trout fishing itself is after an interval of about three months from the last one, and the last trip to Owyhee was over half year ago. On the way there, everything I saw recalled sweet(sometimes bitter) memory to my mind.

As the general fising report, there was no rise when I arrived there.
Although I saw some midge's shuck close to the bank, I decided to try nymphing first.

My precious first one was by the Brassie. I was pleased to see you(17inches/43cm)!

The second one was a kind of surprise for me.
It was 21inches/53cm Rainbow, and first species caught at this river except Brownie for me.
My San Juan worm gave me a luck.
When I released it, it was getting dark. In a short time, I found the certain rise just in front of me.

He refused the Griffith's Gnat several times. So I changed it to a
bit suspended one.
Then he took it! But he was hooked off soon... Maybe my timing to set a hook was not good.
Though it was only regret not to catch by dry fly, I was happy to see some trout again today!

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