Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Midge Hatch

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I headed for South Folk of Boise River after four months approximately. It was a kind of anual event for me(Last Winter).

It was cloudy and so cold about 15F(-10C) in the morning. I thought it must be one of the colder fishing trip.

I could see some midge hatch at first hole, but no fish rose. So I tried nymphing, stonefly nymph and brassie dropper.

I got two whitefish by brassie. They were about 15 inch, not bad.

It was difficult to continue fishing because of its coldness. Everything got frozen easily, and I had numbed fingers. Though I did several holes, I got nothing.

At last hole, I could see some rises. It was about 15:30. So I change the rig to the dry fly system.

I got the one(18.5inch/47cm) by midge parachute. It was my pleasure to catch it by dry fly inspite of such a coldness.

Those rises continued about one hour, but I couldn't get a strike more.


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