Friday, January 12, 2007

Imnaha & Troy

Hide & I did Steelhead searching trip in the end of last year. This 'Searching' means to go the place where we've never been.

So we picked Imnaha river as first destination.

On the way, we dropped in Wallowa Hatchery which located in the upper Wallowa river. No Steelhead reached yet.

After six hours drive, we arrived at Imnaha River(right below pic). And we found a good hole. But we couldn't feel the fish's exsistence.

Next, we headed for Troy(Grande Ronde River) as second place.

Though the drive had a little difficulty because of much snow, it was a kind of fun like explore for us. Approximately it took over two hours.

Grande Ronde River around Troy was really 'Grande'!

I felt the necessary to have the double handed rod. (It was maybe one of reasons to have bought new gear.)

As a result, we had no luck. But I enjoyed the this trip.

Now I'm thinking of next Steel trip soon, because I guess I must be busy after February...

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