Thursday, January 25, 2007

Spring Steelhead Season had begun

Last weekend, I visited Clearwater river first time to check the Steelhead coming. South Folk was almost iced and seemed to be impossible to fish there. So I had to go further downstream to see no ice. Finally I reached Orofino, and it took about 5.5hours from my house.

There were some Steelheader with bobbers and jigs and some of them caught Steelhead, especially using boat like right pic.

There was no flyfisherman and it was too deep for it. I had to give up...
But I could practice my new gear there, and it was more difficult than I imagined. I need a more practice to cast it.

Through my experience of last weekend, I decided to try the Little Salmon River this week. Because I saw no ice in downstream near Riggins when I passed it last week.

In the morning I felt no sign of Steelhead, so I doubted the existence of Steelhead. There was no angler also.

So I moved to the Salmon River just for change.

Though I practiced double handed rod casting again, it was still difficult. I need more time to get used to it.

I returned the Little Salmon River again around four o'clock in the evening.

I couldn't believe it when I got the strike! But I definitely identified him as the Steelhead when he jumped some times.

I was already fascinated with his beautiful color during fighting, and noticed there was no shallow to land him.

But finally I could push him on the ice of bank. He bit the egg dropper surely.

Although he was small Steelhead(56cm/22inch), it could be valuable one for me.

My Spring Steelhead season had begun undoubtedly. But I have a concern for busy day in February.

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