Wednesday, January 31, 2007

San Francisco

We had a chance to go San Francisco again on last weekend.

Flight from BOI to SFO was delayed about 1hour after boarding.

But our daughter was happy to get the snack twice. She also became good at playing by herself.

We had a kind of trouble again.

Our rental car had overheast soon, so we had to wait about an hour till road service coming.

It was a kind of unlucky, but good experience for me.

The Japanese Style 'Lamian' was one of my fun at Bay Area.
I miss it somtimes in Boise.

I thought it was my most favorite one in my US life.

Needless to say, we never forgot to eat the Dungeness Crab. We especially my daughter loved it.

She also enjoyed to see the sea lion for a long time. She said 'I wanna come here again, dad'. I hope so, sweetie.

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