Saturday, September 01, 2012

DAY2(0826'12) go down from the top; Mt. FUJI

11:08 It is time to go down.
We picked the GOTNEBA route.

To descend seeing clouds below.

1st section was steep and craggy space.

11:14 Beautiful sea of clouds.

12:01 The color of rocks changed to the brick-red.

12:05 the 8th station

12:55 The view of summit looked like different from the one of yesterday.

Getting close to the cabin.

13:28 the 7th station's cabin.

Still nice weather.

 down mountain trail starts here the 7th station. 

Fun to go down! Just like a skiing.

14:34 Heavy foggy around here.

15:36 Goal at the GOTENBA trail new 5th station.
No rain, no thunder, no accident, our memorial first climbing was so lucky.
Hopefully would like to try another route next year.

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