Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DAY2(0826'12) to the summit; Mt. FUJI

Got up 2:45, after making preparation left the cabin 3:30.
Stated climbing under the stars in heaven!
4:17, it was getting nearly dawn.

4:40 arrived at the new 7th station.

4:59 getting hungry, let's have a breakfast.

We were so satisfied with the cabin's rice ball with awesome view.

5:15 getting close

5:16 Sunrise!!

Could see KAGEFUJI(shadow of Mt.FUJI) again.

5:46 got to the old 7th station.

5:59 so fine so far.

6:42 could see the 8th station.

6:53 arrived at the 8th station.

7:41 9th!

Felt the difference of the air pressure.

7:51 HOEI crater was seen further below.

Since we avoided the peak time, trail was not terrible crowded.

8:13 Clouds were getting gather little by little.

8:26 Perpetual snow.

8:42 at the 9.5th station, so close.

8:48 Many futons were dried on the top of the 9.5th cabin.

Can you see the summit?

9:05 Step by step we go a long way.

9:16 It reminded me of the national park in Utah.

9:29 Last spurt.

9:32 the top of Mt.FUJI! It took 6 hours.
We were surprised that we were still fine, not exhausted.
Wrote three letters and posted it to the highest post in Japan.

10:17 enjoying wonderful sight.

Gave up climbing the highest point KENGAMINE because of time schedule.
Stayed there until 11:00.
We were blessed with nice weather,lucky climbing.

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