Friday, August 17, 2012

OJIKAGAWA; only rainbow...

I said good bye to YUKAWA in the morning, and dropped at super local SOBA restaurant.
Waiting SOBA with the novel and the small dish.
And decided to try another river just for the change.
14:24 OJIKAGAWA river C and R section.

Expecting to see IWANA or YAMAME there.

14:30 too strong tug, but rainbow again???

Yes, there were many rainbows as long as my many investigations...

And him.

Fed up the upper section and headed for the lower section.

Found some severe rises. Changed the fly to the midge.
After several trial, #20 fly caught him. He only ate midge.
It was nice rise game but.. rainbow again???
I thought you were clever YAMAME...

Caught several fishes there. The results were same...

Good-bye! I got exhausted...

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