Friday, August 17, 2012

Imperfect fishing; 5th YUKAWA

I've been getting well from severe backache at my wife's parents house. And could go fishing today after over 2 months interval. It was too long for me. Destination is my favorite YUKAWA. Let me see superb brookie again, please.

Could get up before 4AM, took shower, and left home 4:17AM.

5:34 arrived there as scheduled.

5:52 waiting for the opening
after finishing all fishing preparation including wearing wader.

6:06 Hello there!

6:12 first fish was HONMASU.
Caught 4 HONMASU today as total.

6:17 first brookie!! I missed you a lot.

6:38 Who are you?

I'm nice colored over 40 rainbow.
Must be escapee from YUNOKO lake located in upper.

7:55 4th brookie loved stimulator.

9:14 today's best brookie to conclude.

10:47 I thought I could catch better fish from now. 

11:22 sudden thunder and shower.
Unfortunately I didn't have any rain wear today...
So went back to the parking lot.

Good job, new repaired rod! You caught 12 fishes today.
But I would like you to see more nice brookies, I think.
I gave up fishing here YUKAWA because of bad weather and bad preparation.
Just a kind of imperfect combustion...

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