Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DAY 1(0825'12); Mt. FUJI

12:13 Parked the car at GOTNEBA trail new 5th station.


Moved to FUJINOMIYA trail 5th station by bus(13:46 arrival).

14:31 Let's go up!

14:42 A kind of high tension.

15:03 Arrived the cabin at the 6th station, where we stayed tonight.
Yes, we had only 30min climb today.

15:24 After checked in, took a walk around 1st HOEI crater.

The cloud was just moving right in front of us.

15:37 Back to the cabin.
The bed room should be called den.

18:15 Shadow of Mt. FUJI in the twilight.

18:40 Amazing sea of clouds.

19:30 Went to bed.

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