Saturday, September 15, 2012


It's cloudy today though, we played around Mt. FUJI this weekend also.

Arrived there and had rice ball lunch.

13:27 Let's get started.

Today's destination was NISHIUSUZUKA mound.
Should be taken 20min one way for adult.

Still she likes taking pix.

Might be deer's work.

O-Oh! This north route didn't work now likely...

Then let's take the south route 13:44.

She was fine at first.
 Too soon!

14:29 Got to the top of  mound.

It reminded me that Japan was Shinto country.

Leaves were getting ready for autumn.

I didn't know that this mound was made by the volcanic activity also.

Are you ready for autumn also?

15:14 Mt. HOUEI was seen clearly this time.
We found that such a short trekking made us family all happy.
What's next?

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