Saturday, March 27, 2010


is sea-run AMAGO trout. Today, I grabbed the lure fishing rod after so long interval, and went to KANOGAWA mainstream to catch SATSUKIMASU with Mr. Gold and YZ-san. It was 4th fishing trip to KANOGAWA water system for me.

ISOHIYODORI, Blue Rock Thrush welcomed us. Hope this blue bird give us a good luck.

My first cast gave me this fish NIGOI, Barbel Steed. So strong tug! I thought might be SATSUKI...

YZ-san hooked huge wild rainbow, looked like 50cm class.
But it had gone just in front of him breaking his line. Goddess!

Congratulations, Mr.Gold!!

This may be SATSUKI or MODORI. What a glamorous body it is!

I hooked two good AMAGO in the morning , but couldn't catch them....

It was warm spring day. We had nice lunch there.

And it is my turn.

My first memorial SYAKU_AMAGO!
Please bite my dry fly next.

It was so exciting and fantastic trip for us today. I had a new understanding of the lure fishing. It was so effective method in searching wide range quickly.


Mr.Gold said...

Yes, it was fantastic reserch tour! Thank you so much Lance and YZ-san. I was so lucky catching my first "Midori-san" which had dynamite body. I wanted to hold her all the time. Although we saw some unique fellows and they had confused us, I enjoyed it, too!

african said...

Mr.Gold,you may be the first man who caught "MIDORI-san" this season! Let me ask the master of AMANO about it tonight. Now I know your great skill of lure fishing,well. Let's go there together again!