Friday, March 26, 2010

OOKUMA was hot; 2nd trip to OSHINO

First of all, it was wonderful day except two big mistakes for big boys.
Arrived there about 11 o'clock, and OOKUMA_MADARA mayfly's hatch got started around noon. Total 5bows were caught by the imitation of OOKUMA. What a lucky day it was!

Every time first fish is special.

Hit flies for OOKUMA was; Crippled dun, Floating nymph, Parachute Emerger. Every pattern worked well.

It was cloudy with occasional sunny.

Beautiful silver one.

Around 2 o'clock, the baetis' hatch has come after OOKUMA.

Lots of baetis' dun were seen there.

This colored bow was by baetis' pattern also.

Moved to the upper of KINDAICHI bridge from FUJIKYU hole.

And it was today's surprise. Please forgive my adding many pix of same fish. But it was one of the most beautiful brown trout which I ever caught.

So healthy and wild one, loved it!

Although I was so satisfied with these fishes so far, I stayed there waiting HIGENAGA. And I added two more fishes by its imitation.
Anyway, a lot of thanks to a goddess of fly fishing!

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