Sunday, October 07, 2012

SESERAGI walking

Let's walk around MISHIMA city along the beautiful spring creek
called 'SESERAGI' route. 14:16 started to go down to the south. 

This is my favorite bar, if you are interested in it please visit there.
(Of course, we didn't be there today, it is day time...)

14:37 south of RAKUJUEN.

15:01 We would like to visit this cafe just along the river next,
which was introduced on TV program recently also.

BAIKAMO, so lovely.

Fun to walk along the river's edge.
15:25 took a rest at small rest space.

For a while, kingfisher!

Yes, you were right.

If you would like to see BAIKAMO flower as first priority,
visit BAIKAMONOSATO first.

It was located the opposite side of SANO museum.

16:58 between MISHIMA TAISYA shrine and MISHIMA station.
Violet color of morning glory was so impressive in the evening.

It was good walking for us all today,
we think we'll be back soon again. See you then.

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