Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cloudy OSHINO; #22~24 parachute only

I didn't have any fishing plan today. But I got up very early morning, and my wife & daughters were already gone to their grandpa & grandma' house. Let's go, Lance.

8:12 arrived at FUJIKYU
Terrestrial pattern didn't work well.

9:04 first fish with messy
Small parachute worked well.

9:39 released small one just upper of KINDAICHI bridge.

Moved upper, and there were several rises for small mayfly.
I still kept same small parachute.

10:16 released 3rd good one.

12:35 after countless mistakes, got one.

13:01 5th one was small hatchery fish. 

17:10 moved to FUJIKYU for evening.
Many fishermen were seen around KINDAICHI.

The rise itself was poor this evening at FUJIKYU.

17:57 Joyful first evening fish after long time silence.

18:23 last one was hatchery YAMAME.
I'll be back soon.

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