Monday, August 22, 2011

Super hatch of HIMEKAGERO!

Fishing trip with O was canceled early morning today because of bad weather. But I found the weather around OSHINO would be fine afternoon. So I decided to drop in OSHINO on the way to my wife's parents' house.
14:02 got started to fish.
15:13 beautiful golden brown trout by MADARA para. Good Job!

15:51 2nd one by same pattern.

Likely mixed hatch of Baetis and MADARA.

16:14 PMD crippled dun worked well also as AKAMADARA(my guess).

17:02 4th one escaped just before my taking pic.

17:28 5th one had nice tail fin. Must be wild OSHINO bow.

17:36 nice red band!

18:47 My pic was poor though, HIMEKAGERO's super hatch and crazy rises got started!
Unfortunately I didn't have any white small fly pattern, my small black fly was ignored completely...
So I tied FUTASUJI's crippled dun, which hatched intermittently.

18:51 It gave me a 7th luck. Thanks!

18:55 1st brown in the evening.

19:00 brown again.

19:04 Wow three consecutive brown as 10th.
I would like to tie of HIMEKAGERO's pattern soon.

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