Tuesday, August 02, 2011

AI#2 to observe the cicadar's hatch together

19:43 When we went to the park,
we could find several moving cicada's larva to hatch.

19:53 Found the one which was going to hatch.
We took two larvae to the garden tree of our house to make observation.

20:07 Both two began to hatch on our garden tree branch,
 just after we took a bath.

She was observing them very carefully.

21:59 It held its shuck and tried to take the shuck off completely.

22:01 Likely succeeded to take it off.

23:26 Finished stretching its wing and was waiting for drying. 

02:11 Its wing was going to be colored.
My older daughter could wake up with alarm by herself, good job! 

07:41 You can fly anywhere.
Please forgive our interruption.

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