Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Superb brookie!

Memorandoms for next year:
  1. HIGENAGA's appearance is around noon. You should use another fly until that.
  2. The fallen tree is the key for the superb brookie. Don't fish there carelessly.
My annual fishing trip to YUGAWA.
Got up after 4AM and left 4:21.


YUDAKI was still going on.

First brookie, good see you again.

I love this color contrast very much,
especially the dark green and the orange.

I would like to tie your fly pattern by next time.

Need to be identified.
I was a really lucky guy today.

Superb shaku brook trout, perfect condition!
Thanks, god!

Hen OSHIDORI, Mandarin Duck

See you next year.

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