Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review of the Salmon fishing this year

 Preparation: Close to the perfect.
Let's review the preparation first, Lance. The following 5 items are from last year's trip.
  1. You should have many heavy shots.   Yes, I did!
  2. You should have heavier sink tip than type4. Yes, I did!
  3. Fishing trip should be set around 11/10.  Yes, we did!
  4. You need full two days including check the river the day before.  Yes, we did!
  5. You need more casting practice...    Yes, I did! But found out that it was not enough...

Line system: Needs to be improved
  • I used type6 tip and 2 or 3 shots sized B mainly.
  • It worked though, I hooked the earth many times.
  • Sounds like type 2 or 4 and heavy shots should be better system.
  • And leader length should be shorter a little than it, maybe.
  • Don't forget that 8 loop was good for the shot.
  • You should take the stringer just in case.
Don't forget the above-mentioned items, and have better fishing next year, Lance.

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