Sunday, November 04, 2012


As the same as around Mt. FUJI, we are interested in IZU PENINSULA GEOPARK very much also. Let's check two places of them as first today.
12:41 Arrived OMUROYAMA lift parking lot.

Basically cloudy, sometimes sunny.
So felt colder than I imagined.

Lift was only way to the summit.
Even it's altitude is 580m, a kind of hill.

It seemed to be made by the eruption long time ago, interesting.

Girls talk?

13:27 Bottom of crater was used as archery place.

Interesting, what is it?
Could walk around the crater like OHACHI_MEGURI of Mt. FUJI.

Enjoyed the color of late fall.

These JIZO seemed

to be built by fishermen. So I made a money offering and prayed good luck of my fishing.

What did you pray for sweetie?

'Good view isn't it, dad?'
'You are right, sugar!'

Also fun to go down by lift together to the parking lot.

14:25 close to the land.

15:02 2nd destination JOGASAKI coast.

So clear seawater.
 Walking to the suspension bridge from the park.

Older daughter was curious for this hole which could see the part of sea.
15:35 getting close the suspension bridge.

Good luck fisherman!

Now we knew it was made of lava, very unique shape and color.

15:49 I began to go back to the parking lot alone first,
because its parking lot would be close 4:30.

Would like to come here again.

Pretty squirrel, but coming from abroad 'TAIWANRISU'. Terrible..

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