Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My third trip to YUKAWA

It is time to have your annual fishing trip to YUKAWA, Lance! The following are memorandums for the next year;
  • Get up 4:20, and leave 20min later.
  • Arrive at AKANUMA-CYAYA 5:45.
  • Preparation for fishing, and wear the wader.
  • Take a pic of MOZU, Bull-headed Shrike 5:58.
  • Buy a one-day fishing ticket past 6AM as soon as the shop opens.
  • Move to YUDAKI, and get it started!

Around YUDAKI fall, caught over 5 fishes. Good start.

MONMASU by book-san's form terrestrial pattern.

Hit flies were typical summer terrestrial patterns.

Said good-bye to YUDAKI once.

#14 ELK was also enough.

And this is my first SHAKU brookie, 31cm.

He rose up and sipped my dry fly very slowly.

Thank you for good luck.

HIGENAGA Caddis was the key of this year also.

HIGENAGA's skating on the water surface in the daytime.

I missed a huge one, just under this fallen tree(40 over)...
Be careful with the fallen tree next year, Lance.

See you next year hopefully.


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