Sunday, August 15, 2010


Can't stop going fishing anymore. Yesterday I visited my parents' house for annual baseball game of my junior high school day's club. And today I stopped at OSHINO on the way to home. I mean 'just on the way'.

As the advise from Lance two days ago, I said good-bye to huge fly and looked for the fish near the water surface.

And found three good fish at FUJIKYU hole, good rainbow, nice brown and huge YAMAME.

I could catch only a good rainbow of them, but it was not easy and so exciting game. Final hit fly was midge adult.

Could catch three more bows by sparkling dun and crippled dun pattern.

Moved to USUKUBO_Bridge hole. I found nice YAMAME, rising frequently just close to the left side bank.

Got it! So nice one, and good game!

Likely good timing to set a hook. 7X tippet and midge adult pattern.

Baetis's nymph(floating) was fed selectively. So I did sight nymphing just for a change.

Got five more bows by BH pheasant tail in a short time. It was fun, but big boy was clever...

KAWARAHIWA was singing beautifully.

Moved to S-Bend hole. BWO baetis dun was seen there.

Gorgeous AMAGO trout by BWO dun.

Its length was only 2cm short to SHAKU though, nice golden colored one. Lucky day! Added one more bow there.

Evening at the FUJIKYU_hole again.

#20 baetis parachute worked well with 6X tippet. Got three bows.

17:35, midge pupa and baetis emerger.

This IWANA was a kind of surprise.

KUSHIGE was much fatter than Baetis. I need to tie small fat pattern for the next time.

The evening time of fall was just like TSURUBE_OTOSHI, fast sinking sun.
As a whole, it was good day for me. But I'm also feeling that KUSHIGE's evening is still mysterious.

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